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We're thrilled you've reached this achievement! Every tree planted is nurtured and grown with care.

Trees help protect the environment, providing shelter for wildlife and helping to sequester carbon from the atmosphere.

Together, we're making a difference one bubble, one tree at a time.
About the tree you've earned
Your tree reward is being planted in Rwanda, with Carbon Counts planting partner One Acre Fund.

The tree being planted is the Grevillea robusta. Farmers like to plant the Grevillea robusta with food crops because it grows quickly and doesn't use a lot of water. It also provides shade and protects crops from wind and soil erosion.
About Carbon CountsTM
Carbon Counts is on a mission to harness the power of play to save the planet. When you play, Carbon Counts plants trees, contributing to a greener world.

Carbon Counts collaborates with visionary organizations like One Acre Fund to restore ecosystems by planting millions of real-world trees, making a significant impact on global reforestation efforts.

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Unloading seedlings for tree delivery - Rwanda
Tree nursery - Rwanda
Tree distribution - Mukuge, Rwanda
Patricia Mukamparirwa - Rwanda
Mukuge Farmer Tree Distribution - Rwanda
Juliana Wayomba, Tree Farmer - Kenya
Beatrice Barasa with Grevillea Trees - Kenya
Farmer training, tree planting in action - Nyaguru, Rwanda
Photo credits: One Acre Fund
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