An upcoming mobile puzzle game that focuses on mental health, with a queer biracial protagonist and diverse characters.

The game is based around a strong narrative and non-violent puzzle-solving mechanics that require using real-world mental health tools.
Pomsky Games was founded with a goal to make games without violence, but which promote love of nature, self-care, and care for others through gaming. We see gaming as an art form with a social purpose.

We are a small team based in Toronto, but we work with team members from all over the world. We are diverse, multicultural, and multiracial, and our backgrounds and interests are reflected in the ethical games we make.
We strive to cover themes and issues that are underrepresented in gaming. Many games treat nature as something to be consumed endlessly, and violence as part of human nature. We want to challenge that. In fact, we advocate for the opposite: to protect nature from consumerism, and to treat other people with compassion and empathy.
Instead of killing or harming other humans or creatures, players win our games through helping, protection, and empathy for others
/ Zero Violence
Our games aren't just an escape from reality; we offer players ways to engage meaningfully with the real world's challenges: from pollution to mental health
/ Social Focus
We create affecting narratives in our games that show players the importance of treating each other and the planet with care
/ Compassion
Mobile free-to-play puzzle about ocean pollution and saving underwater animals
A story of self-reflection in a form of a mental health focused mobile game
Jump into a fresh and fun gameplay style: match, pop, and blast your way through plastic pollution to help clean the ocean and rescue underwater animals
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Tech Lead
The Dog
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