Mobile puzzle game about mental health and self-help
Hi! I'm Erin ✋
Full disclosure, I've struggled with my mental health. Especially since some pretty unusual things happened to me recently.

The Pomsky Games team reached out to ask if they could make a game starring me. And I said:

– No, absolutely not!

puzzle game, anxious, queer, biracial, mental health game, strong narrative, non-violent puzzle-solving mechanics, real-world mental hearlth techniques, self-compassion, mindfulness
So this is a game about me.
Check out the TRAILER. I hope you like it.
(And if you don't like it, please don't tell me, because social rejection is my literal nightmare.)
I'm an architect and I love photography ✨ Here's my INSTAGRAM. Click below to read the captions, and some comments from great friends who I love.

There are also comments from people I don't like. (You don't have to read those.)
If you play you can help me solve brain-twisting puzzles and explore eerie mysteries! You'd be like a mental health detective. Or maybe an explorer, visiting all the strange places in the SCREENSHOTS below.
Now, look at these friendly faces! This is THE TEAM making a game about me. They have so much passion, knowledge, and expertise.
  • Helena Savenko
    Product Lead
    – Helena and I have a lot in common. She convinced me to do this! She can be very persuasive.
  • Stan Komarovsky
    Tech Lead
    – Stan puts everyone's stuff together and makes it all work. I think that's why he's always talking about Unity?
  • Concept Artist, Illustrator
    – Pam works very hard — though it's not too hard to make me look good. ;-)
  • Narrative Designer, Writer
    – Aric's alright, but sometimes I feel like he's putting words in my mouth.
  • 3D Modeler
    – Life felt pretty flat before I met Sofia!
  • Sound Designer, Composer
    – Ed's work is music to my ears.
  • Animator
    – Kati makes everything move as it should; she's like a yoga teacher — for data!
  • Joseph Lu
    Technical Artist
    – Joseph really lights up my life.
  • May the Dog
    – May is the best girl! 15/10.
And my SPECIAL THANKS goes to...
  • James Woodall
  • Alyssa MacAusland
  • Ben Syzek
  • Zed Poirier