Keep the ocean clean from plastic waste and save your underwater animal friends in this free-to-play eco-game!
About bubblesome
Bubblesome is a free-to-play mobile game that entices players to help save our planet's marine life by solving these important problems in a fun and entertaining way.

Players can help clean the ocean from plastic pollution and save their underwater animal friends by popping colourful bubbles and solving satisfying puzzles.

They can achieve amazing rewards from treasure chests and obtain collectibles by exploring more than 100+ levels in the world of Bubblesome.

Join our community of eco-conscious gamers and have fun with Bubblesome!

We care about nature! We will donate 5% of our profit to charity funds dedicated to environmental protection.
Bubblesome – Clean the ocean!
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Casual, Puzzle, Arcade, Eco-Game
iOS, Android
Release Date
June, 2020
eco, puzzle, shooter, time killer, arcade, indie, bubbles, logic, pop, blast, crush, rescue
Ages 4+
Pop Bubbles
Underwater animals need your help! Save them from plastic junk, hooks, and cages.

Just pop bubbles of matching colours around your marine friends to set them free.

It is satisfying, fun and easy!
Shake Your Device
Plastic bubbles are dumped into the water just like in real life. They will react to your device's motion so you can use simulated gravity by shaking your device to mix things up!

This offers an extra advantage when there are no good plays left!
Get Rewards and Heroes
By completing levels you'll earn items such as keys that unlock treasure chests with amazing rewards inside!

You'll also gain grateful animal companions as you progress through the game that will stick by your side and bring you coins every hour!
Explore the World of Bubblesome
Explore more than 100 levels of our underwater adventure and help us keep the ocean clean!

Discover new animal friends, uncover treasure and collectibles, and send the plastic bubbles for recycling!
Bubblesome is available for free on the App Store and Google Play
What does stand out in Bubblesome?
Fun game mechanics with an eco-twist
Enjoy a refreshing gameplay style: match, pop, and clean the ocean to rescue underwater animals!
In-game reactions to device movement
Feeling stuck? Just shake your device to mix up the bubbles! Let gravity help you.
5% for Nature!

We donate 5% of our revenue to non-profit organizations dedicated to marine and land environmental protection.
We are a crew of people passionate about video games and our planet!
Helena Savenko
Product Manager
Stan Komarovsky
Tech Lead, Game Designer
Anna Denisova
Art Director
Ed Kashinsky
Sound Designer
Alyssa MacAusland
Playtester, Writer
Mae the Dog