A fascinating mobile puzzle
that combines active gameplay, real physics and tactical decisions to make
About Bubblesome
Welcome to Bubblesome – a casual puzzle game, which is absolutely unique and does not repeat any existing game on the App Store or Google Play.

This is a bright and juicy game, that combines dynamic gameplay, real physics and tactical decisions to make.

Despite the simple mechanics, Bubblesome easily engages the player and keeps them playing offering interesting tasks to be solved on every level.
English, Italian, German, French, Russian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Mexican Spanish
Release Date
January, 2019
puzzle, easy playing, time killer, offline,
unwind, arcade, indie, adventure, logic
Ages 4+
Basically, the player pops bubbles of the same color, trying to pop as big area as possible in order to avoid new bubbles falling down.

From level to level the gameplay gets more challenging due to the appearance of special balls (like a freeze ball or a spit head, etc.) and octopuses that prevent the player from clearing the level.

Every level offers optional goals to reach, like to pop the bubbles of certain colors and to score a certain amount of points. Successful achievement of those goals brings the player a reward – coins, which can be also got for unused moves and killed octopuses.

One more nice feature in Bubblesome is that the game reacts on device movements, so if the player shakes their device, the bubbles will be mixed up in direction according to device movements.

Bubblesome is a free-to play game. The player can use boosters to help themselves, which can be bought for coins gained for level completing. As an alternative the player can buy coins in the in-game store.

Purchase of additional moves is another way to make progress faster. If the player does not manage to complete the level for the number of moves given to him, he can buy more to save the mission.

We also encourage players to watch ads and get paid items and additional moves for free.

Play Now!
Bubblesome is available for free
on the App Store and Google Play
Nice Features
What does stand out in Bubblesome?
Absolutely unique game mechanics
We were so tired from tedious games based on the same mechanics and created Bubblesome!
Reacting on device movement
The player can shake their device to mix up the bubbles and help themselves to complete the level.
Dynamic gameplay and juicy design
The game is simple, but addictive and easily engages and fascinates the player, making them keep playing.
Play Now!
Bubblesome is available for free
on the App Store and Google Play
Meet our Team
Helena Savenko
Producer, UX/UI, Level Design, Game Design
Helena's been working in Software Development since 2006. Her career in gamedev started in 2011 in a popular social network where she developed a number of casual games and entertaining apps. Helena also worked in fintech for a while, which helps her calculate a game balance at Pomsky Games.
Stan Key
Programming, Game Design
Stan is incredibly passionate about games. He created his first board game when he was 12 of age, and later he managed to transform that passion into profession. Stan has a comprehensive experience in gamedev, creating his own games since 2012. He has also been been working as a UI Programmer in a number of AAA games.
May the Dog
May is a little pomsky that has been rescued in 2017. Since that time she became a close friend of the studio and a permanent source of ideas about new games.
May loves being outside, but she never minds to take a nap, while others are working.
May is being a prototype for the game, which is in progress right now.